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Hair Extension Disclouration

You probably noticed this happening to some of the girls on this year on Love Island!

Discolouration can occur due to many different reasons, the most common thing that causes it is hard water as this causes deposits iron onto the hair causing the colour to change and the hair to turn an orange or pink tone.

There are many other things that cause discolouration as well as products that may be used daily by the clients. It won't always happen as a number of factors have to be right for that discolouration to occur, this is why you may not have had a problem before with this. It is more common when going on holiday as you expose the hair to things that you normally wouldn’t, this includes but is not limited to chlorine, sea water, sun, hotel water, and suntan creams.

We would recommend purchasing several of the Malibu C Hard Water sachets as these remove the mineral build up on the hair and remove the discolouration, however, this needs to be done as soon as possible as the longer the hair is left to discolour the less of a chance that you have to remove the discolouration and return the hair to its normal state. You can also use a purple shampoo afterwards to brighten it back up again.

You can order them through us or online! The sachets can also be used in the future as a preventive maintenance to stop this from happening in the future.

Make sure you also read our Holiday Hair Care Guide in our blog to prevent the above from happening.

Love EJH

Here is a video that will help you remove the colour damage in one wash!

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