Look Amazing. Feel Amazing.

We care about how hair makes you feel. With being Hair Extension Specialists for over 12 years we have experienced all walks of life who depend on their beautiful manes. We lovingly create bespoke Lace Frontal Wigs in Berkshire for Hair Loss, Fashion, Theatre, Film,  LGBT community, Religion and many more gorgeous individuals. We are understanding and we listen with no judgment. 

If you are local we can help you fit them in our private boutique with a 1 to 1 appointment just yourself and Emily with no onlookers or we can ship it to you with advice on how to fit the wig if you are a newbie!

All of our wigs are handmade with luxury lace and different types of human hair to suit all needs and budgets. Whether it is a fast-fashion wig or a can't live without wig we are here to help.

Our prices range from £300-£1800 depending on the hair and style you choose from. We have an already made collection with adjustable straps in our shop tab below or you can design your own by filling out the Custom Wig Design Form below for a free no-obligation quote. 


Custom Wig Design Form 
Please fill out the entire form for us to be able to give you an exact price. If you are happy to go-ahead we will ask for a 50% deposit and then the remaining balance just before we post the wig to you. We will send you images of the wig beforehand to make sure you are happy with the design. Once a deposit has been taken the service is non refundable under no circumstance, due to the wig being custom-built for you. So make sure this is something that you want before purchase. We look forward to working with you on designing your dream hair. 

Step One - You

This section is for your contact details and an understanding of your personal wig wear and natural hair.

Image of Your Dream Hair

(This needs to be an image that we can use as a template when building your wig)

Please select the cut options you would like for your wig
Wig Design Extras

Step Two - Your Dream Hair

This is the exciting bit! This section is for us to be able to build you your dream wig. All the details will enable us to give you an accurate quote. When searching for your image please make sure it is good quality. 


The parting is important as we can pluck and customise it to be more realistic. You can change the parting in the future and we can show you how.

We mention styling as this is the finishing touch however you can restyle the wig as it will be made from natural human hair.



Step Three - The Fit

It is so important you get the measurements of your wig cap right. So we have added a measurement diagram below. Measure it 3 times to get the right size. Because once the wig is built that's it. Use a soft measuring tape and measure your head using the diagram below. 

The wig will come with a cap that already has adjustable tightening. Many just use these straps and use a small piece of hair tape or Got2Be hair spray to secure the front. However, some of you may want that extra hold using wig clips if you have hair underneath to anchor them into. You may like clipping the wig into your sideburns, a bigger band if you are a performer and need that extra hold or to use tape bases to attach the wig directly to your scalp if you have hair loss. 

Bleaching knots is only suggested if you are an avid wearer and prefer this method as it can be very damaging for the frontal with lowering its longevity.



Thanks for submitting!

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